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Project Scope Proposal: PSS-1980 Gemini Safe, Effective & Secure Medical Device Interoperability https://jira.hl7.org/browse/PSS-1980

Device Alerting PSS-1982  PSS-1982 - Getting issue details... STATUS

DeviceAlert, Device, and DeviceMetric Issues


John Garguilo, Martin Hurrell, Andy Iverson, Stefan Karl, Brian Reinhold, Martin Rosner, John Rhoads (notes)

Meeting Notes

  • PSS review postponed till Todd joins
  • Marti and Stefan Karl - event nomenclature examples provided
  • R5 will be STU
  • ACTION: All DoF interested parties should review 2022-03-14 HCP - Orders & Observations Confluence pages to be sure relevant DEV WG input is provided where it would be helpful - be ready to discuss with Marti - also look at notations in  Communicating Devices page and DoF: Alerting tables
  • In  Communicating Devices page, pay particular attention to filling gaps in the Scope and Usage and Boundaries and Relationships text at the top of the page that were copied from current Device core resource page


DOFAlerting GitHub repository

DoF: Alerting (also contains material relating to Device and DeviceMetric proposed changes)

Confluence pages in OO "space"

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