• Agenda begins with discussion of the Project Scope Statement for the Intra-procedural Anesthesia IG, with a view to voting on Work Group Approval if a quorum is present and ready to vote at the end of the discussion.
  • Continuation of discussion of WG concerns about the possibility of partial normative status for the Device resource, with Marti Velesiz representing Orders and Observations WG (OO), which "owns" the FHIR resource


Martin Hurrell, Joe Quinn, Jaime  Smith, Brian Reinhold, Stefan Karl, Marti Velesiz, Andy Iverson, Koichiro Matsumoto, Todd Cooper, Ken Fuchs, Tom Kowalczyk

Meeting Notes

  • Martin Hurrell (Cochair) walked the group through the current version of the Project Scope Statement (PSS) for the Intraoperative Anesthesia Implementation Guide (IG)
    • VOTE: HL7 Device Work Group approval of the IG PSS was moved by Todd Cooper, Seconded by Stefan Karl. Counting only members of HL7 and of the Work Group present, the vote was 5 in favor, none against, with no abstentions
    • Todd Cooper / Stefan Karl: 5-0-0

  • Device resource
    • Because of the embedding of the serial number in the UDI backbone element rather than as a standalone field and its possible non uniqueness without manufacturer information, there was discussion of the effects of this on search items for Device
    • There was discussion of the need for better definitions, better example ValueSets and examples in general in recently added (and other) fields such association status
    • Other data items currently represented only as extensions and additional ones arising in use of SDPi devices (IEEE 11073 Service-Oriented Device Connectivity standards) will also be very important in managing and interpreting electronic device data, possibly with some extensions needed to be considered to be added as fields rather than extensions.
    • Examination of these matters to be continued in next meeting and in ongoing OO meetings with Device WG participation.

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