Ballot Status Review

Block Vote for Next Wednesday


Todd Cooper, Danielle Sill, Brian Reinhold*, Joe Quinn*, Tom Kowalczyk*, Stefan Karl, Martin Rosner, John Donnelly*, John Rhoads (presiding co-chair, not voting) *guests, not voting

Meeting Notes

The following ballot issues are incorrectly submitted for the Point-of-Care IG (FHIR) Specification (PoCD), but it is clear from the content and the references that they are actually about the Personal Health Devices (FHIR) Implementation Guide (PHD) which is not included in the 2021Sep ballot. Proposed resolution is to create clones of the issues, assign them to the correct specification (PHD), and reject the instances originally submitted for the wrong Specification as unrelated.

The JIRA issues involved (that is, submitted for the wrong specification) are:







The vote to resolve these issues in this way was:

Moved / Seconded : (for)-(against)-(abstain)

Martin Rosner / Todd Cooper : 4-0-1

Regarding a group of changes proposed by Ron C. Parker, that the ValueSets referenced in the specification should be in, these were accepted as persuasive and the WG intends to proceed as recommended.

Moved / Seconded : (for)-(against)-(abstain)

Todd Cooper / Stefan Karl: 4-0-1

The JIRA issues involved are:

(to be added)


2021SEP PoCD Ballot - All Open Issues

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