• Update on publication process for balloted HL7 FHIR Personal Health Devices (PHD) Implementation Guide
  • Notice of Intent for PoCD IG in 2022JAN Ballot
  • Resolution of unrelated ballots


Brian Reinhold, Martin Rosner*, Danielle Sill*, Javier Espina, Peter Gunter, Stefan Karl*, Tom Kowalczyk, John Donnelly, Koichiro Matsumoto*, john Rhoads (presiding co-chair, notes)

*indicates eligible to vote in this meeting

 Meeting notes

  • PHD Implementation Guide was impeded by a bug in the IG Publisher software where spurious errors were reported for the case where no cache existed from a previous run of the IG input. Workaround was to re-run the IG build - the spurious error reports were not generated once the cache existed. The error has since been debugged and a fix applied, therefore the team can once again request that the TSC approve the publication request.
  • A submission of a Notice of Intent for PoCD IG for the 2022JAN ballot round was proposed. There was discussion of whether this was worthwhile since the enhancements to the IG may not be major (for example, the preconditions for including the use of the proposed DeviceAlert resource will probably not be in place). The consensus was that an NIB is not a commitment to ballot, but it allowed for the possibility of a ballot in case desired.
  • Motion to approve the submittal of the NIB by Martin Rosner, seconded Danielle Sill. Vote to submit was approved: 4 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstaining
  • Following advice from HL7 Senior Advisor Melva Peters, the issues that were submitted that were unrelated to the PoCD IG under ballot but rather related to the PHD IG which is a separate document and not under ballot will be cloned into the PHD comment queue for resolution when PHD IG is next balloted, and then marked as unrelated issues in the PoCD queue. The issues are:










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