1. Development of resource proposal for DeviceAlert resource
  2. Consider:
    1. ECRI?! Get comments 
    2. Reaching out to alert distribution vendors and experts on usage of IHE ACM and other (proprietary) alert distribution modes (e.g. Monroe Pattillo, Rob Wilder)
    3. Study results of SDPi meetings on the subject, consult experts (e.g. Ken Fuchs, Peter Kranich, Todd)
    4. Differentiate use cases in relation to FHIR
    5. Collating formal requirements for use cases
      1. Relevant standards: alarms, alarm distribution systems: definitions and requirements
    6. Model use cases:
      1. alert entities and attributes
      2. actors
      3. goals and requirements
    7. Writing the proposal
      1. possibilities of using existing FHIR resources and their advantages and disadvantages
      2. need for matching resource content to particular requirements of device alerts
      3. use cases and possible modes of FHIR usage
    8. gather draft materials for IG


Jan-Alrik Philipsen
Todd Cooper
John Rhoads
Brian Reinhold
Joe Quinn
Martin Hurrell
Stefan Karl
Koichiro Matsumoto

Meeting Notes


Simplifier link for PCDAlarms

Last meeting 2021-08-16 DoF PoCD Subgroup

Old placeholder proposal migrated to Confluence from wiki: DeviceAlert FHIR Resource Zombie Proposal

IEEE MDC Domain Information Model (DIM) model of an alert, and how it is represented in IHE Alert Communication Management profile

Relevant existing FHIR resources


DaVinci Alerts

DaVinci Profile of MessageHeader

FHIR MessageHeader

DaVinci Profile of Bundle

FHIR Bundle Resource




Confluence reference pages on resource principles and process

Section of FHIR Confluence Space devoted to information for people doing FHIR-related design work: Designers

The following relevant pages are in that section:

Resource Proposals

Resource Types

Resource Authoring

Resource Considerations

Resource Types
Guide to Designing Resources

It is also worthwhile browsing the titles of the other pages in the FHIR Confluence "space", especially in the space's subdivisions marked "Designers", "Implementers",

and "Individuals Interested in FHIR IG Development"

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