Ballot Procedures - see presentation by Lloyd MacKenzie on YouTube Q&A sessions coming up - balloters should have received email invitation from Sadhana Alangar

DEV WG documents, WGM September 20-24 Agenda


Todd Cooper
Brian Reinhold
Jan-Alrik Philipsen
Joe Quinn
Jan Garguilo
Koichiro Matsumoto
Martin Hurrell
Martin Rosner
Stefan Karl

Meeting Notes

Finding reference information on HL7 procedures: understand that what Confluence makes easy to do implicitly encourages the "let a hundred flowers bloom" as opposed to the "organized single source of truth" philosophy of documentation - because it's easier to start your own new page based on what you as an individual know than it is to hunt down the existing pages and harmonize, consolidate, or at least link, the existing information and make sure it represents a true consensus...

Action John Garguilo: WGM Agenda, Attendance, Meeting Notes set up on Confluence; also reconcile May notes

Action for all participants: suggest agenda items

Initial suggestions from those present:

  • Remembrance for Jan Wittenber (30 min?)
  • Note HL7-wide moment of silence for those who have passed in the past year - Todd action: submit name and picture to Mark MacDougal
  • Short MDIRA profile update
  • SDPi + FHIR Update
  • PKPs
    1070x standards development
  • IG ballot resolution
  • DeviceAlert resource proposal
  • SCOT project (Koichiro)
  • Report-out on ACOM, health sensors
  • Incorporating description - cross-walk to UDI


RIRequirements Interoperability
MCModel-Centric (rather than document-centric)
RRRegulatory (submission) - Ready


DEV Meeting Pages (TBD)

Conformity Assessment & Tooling#RI+MC+RRforMedTechSpecificationsInitiative

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