Report-out on PoCD going out to ballot

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Stefan Karl
Jan-Alrik Philipsen
Joe Quinn
Koichiro Matsumoto
Martin Hurrell
Ken Fuchs

Meeting Notes

  1. PoCD IG 0.3.0 Went out to ballot
  2. Issues arising for next iteration of IG incorporating DeviceAlert
    1. Refer back to 2019-06-17 DoF PoCD Subgroup
    2. FHIR criteria for a resource proposal
    3. status element - harmonize with the comparable separation of status into status of the resource vs. status of the information beind the value in the resource
    4. Consider making its semantic the time of determination
      1. Action Jan-Alrik will check against BICEPS specification - what do this suggest about how it is best mapped
    5. General issues for further investigation and discussion
    6. "effective" in context
    7. Comparative semantics in different use cases
      1. potentially including detailed mapping vs. IHE ACM capabilities
      2. -10201
      3. SDC
    8. Mapping tables between standard approaches and proposed FHIR implementation
    9. Terminologies and bindings for elements
    10. Action: all participants – refer to Confluence pages on the process for resource proposals (see below)


On Confluence

It is also worthwhile browsing the titles of the other pages in the FHIR Confluence "space", especially in the space's subdivisions marked "Designers", "Implementers",

and "Individuals Interested in FHIR IG Development"

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