Vote on acceptance of proposed changes to IG based WG QA


Björn Andersen
Brian Reinhold
Kathrin Riech
Stefan Karl
Ken Fuchs
Javier Espina
Koichiro Matsumoto
Martin Hurrell
Joe Quinn
John Rhoads

Meeting Notes

  1. Change "Approved jurisdictions" extension value type to CodeableConcept with binding
    The FHIR core specification has already a Jurisdiction ValueSet with ISO 3166 and M49 codes, which is used by several resources. For alignment with existing definitions, I suggest changing the value type of the "Approved jurisdictions" extension to CodeableConcept with extensible binding to the Jurisdiction ValueSet.
    Moved: Stefan Karl Seconded: Brian Reinhold Vote: 8-0-2
  2. Move Observation extensions to DeviceMetric profiles
    Current extensions to the Quantity and SampledData data types used by Observation profiles are (mostly) static attributes (e.g., resolution, range, accuracy). Moving them to the DeviceMetric profiles avoids repeating the values for each Observation instance. There is a reference to the DeviceMetric resource if this information is needed.
    Moved: Stefan Karl Seconded: Martin Hurrell Vote: 8-0-2
  3. All participants also agreed that in view of FHIR-25034, the "Domain unit" and "Distribution range" extensions must be removed from the IG until that unsettled questions raised by that issue is resolved

John Rhoads will circulate group-requested edits to home page and "Getting Started" pages for group consensus prior to checking in

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