1. 2021 September Ballot Calendar see HL7 Calendars (Google Calendars)
  2. Notice of Intent to ballot due July 4 (i.e. SOON) - some time to continue improvements after that
  3. PoCD IG content
    1. To be included in the ballot

      1. Current SDC mapping content
      2. Selected fixes and insertions from issues list
    2. Not in this ballot

      1. DeviceAlert - not enough time to complete process tasks


Ken Fuchs
Stefan Karl
Martin Hurrell
Javier Espina
Winfried Gerlach
Nils Rudolph
Joe Quinn
John Garguilo
John Rhoads (notes)

Meeting Notes

Reviewed the HL7 Calendars - Key dates

  • Notice of Intent to Ballot (NIB) due July 4
  • Ballot group forms (vote early and often! Well, at least vote) July 12 to August 12
  • FHIR Ballot Review QA (by WG) July 23 - August 1
  • FHIR Ballot Content Freeze July 27
  • Apply QA changes August 2-6
  • Final content deadline August 8
  • Ballot Readiness Signoff August 10 
  • Ballot opens for voting August 13 and closes September 13
  • Then ballot reconciliation (must be finished before publication can be requested)

Action assigned to all participants

  1. Review Issues List, add comments to pages on (but not limited to):
    1. Should the issue be in scope for this limited release of the IG?
    2. Has it already been resolved in the Continuous Integration Build?
    3. If not, how do you think it should be resolved? (partial suggestions are welcome, definitive resolutions would be fantastic!)


Point-of-Care Devices (PoCD) Implementation Guide

In-progress Continuous Integration Build

  with latest and greatest integrated changes

Last balloted (sep2018) Version (0.2.0)
Version History

PoCD IG Process Notes

Devices on FHIR PoCD Implementation Guide Issues - Devices On FHIR - Confluence

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