2021-04-26 PoCD IG Technical Meeting

Discussion of developing DeviceAlert candidate FHIR Resource

Ken Fuch
Joe Quinn
Stefan Karl
Koichiro Matsumoto
Martin Hurell
John Garguilo
Brian Reinhold

Jan-Alrik Petersen

Jan-Arik wasn't able to join to talk about recent work with his Draeger colleagues on the resource. We shifted to stepping through the table of proposed fields on the  DoF: Alerting Confluence page to prepare for discussion of the newer material next time.

Some questions that came up were:




Is the proposed set of states | in-progress | completed | suspended | a useful and complete representation of the underlying logical concept

Does it conflict confusingly with the common use of a field named status in other FHIR resources?


how this is best defined depends on planned usage. Look at use cases.


Definition insufficient


What was intended use?


How it can be usefully and consistently defined given the very different equipment that may be involved


Also challenging to define in a general context - depends on equipment design

To do:

  1. Analyze the concrete concepts underlying the status code enumeration and consider if it should be decoupled from the more common usage
  2. Diagram the life-cycle of a device alert in use-case context to clarify effectiveTime (this should also help to clarify the 'status' concept or concepts (if 'status' needs to resolve into multiple concepts)
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