1. Report-out on Personal Health Devices, Point-of-Care Devices FHIR Implementation Guide projects
  2. Vote on proposed use of ASN.1 mnemonics as display codes in Personal Health Devices FHIR IG


Brian Reinhold

Brian Sa

Joe Quinn

Koichiro Matsumoto

Martin Rosner

Peter Muir

Stefan Karl

John Rhoads (presiding WG chair, not voting, notes)

Meeting Notes

Vocabulary WG - our requests regarding MDC codes not responded to yet

Vote: Brian Reinhold moved, Martin Rosner seconded proposal that IG artifacts be revised to use established ASN.1 mnemonics from IEEE 11073 standards in "Display" item in CodeSystem resources rather than using descriptive phrases in this position. Consensus in discussion was that this was desirable. In the vote taken: 7 agreed, 0 were opposed, and 0 abstained

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