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Updates on Implementation Guide activities


Michelle Barry (Availity)

Brian Reinhold (LNI)

Kathrin Riech (Univ. Lübeck)

Stefan Karl (Consultant)

John Rhoads (Philips)

Meeting Notes

Kathrin Riech

  •  previously reported obstacles to adding mapping details to Patient and Practitioner resources in FHIR Specification. She consulted Lloyd McKenzie , who advised as a workaround profiling the resources even though the changes were in mappings only and did not affect fundamental properties of the fields in the resources such as cardinality.
  • This has been done in the build version\

Scheduling matters

  • work on alerting is on hold while some of the previous participants, e.g. at Dräger, are temporarily unable to join due to project conflicts and vacations. Perhaps can be taken up again in September +/-
  • Todd Cooper on vacation this week - the activities in filling in the new IG Project Scope Statement will continue when he returns
  • The PSS activities do not require ongoing work to stop on IG contents in GitHub
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