1. Review of Implementation Guide Process and Tasks (Rhoads)
  2. Review of nascent Project Scope Statements (Courville)


Paul Schluter

Chris Courville

Koichiro Matsumoto

Rob WIlder

Meeting Notes

Discussion of processing Implementation Guides or contributing parts to IGs for the hesitant - we need contributors of text for use cases and examples (see references for process)

Chris Courville has been moving forward the pages to be formed into actual Project Scope Statements to be put ino the review process (based on the existing proposals for PSSes). He urges us all to look at these, adding ourselves as interested parties where we wish to join, and filling in the sections where text explanations need to be added.


IG Publisher Documentation

IG Best practices page on FHIR Foundation pages

IG Home

From Chris Courville: partial drafts of Project Scope Statements to add to:

  1. Gemini SDPi+FHIR White Papers
  2. SDPi+FHIR Device Interoperability
  3. FHIR IG for Device Information Client Applications


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