• Clarifying the intended use and semantics of seemingly redundant operationalStatus (compared to statusReason) field in current Device FHIR resource
  • How should it be resolved


Koichiro Matsumoto (Nihon Kohden), Vishwas (Wolters Kluwer), Michelle Barry (Availity), Stefan Karl (Philips), Todd Cooper (Breakthrough Solutions), Ken Fuchs (Dräger), Brian Reinhold (LNI), John Rhoads (Philips, notes)

Meeting Notes

FHIR Device resource field operationalStatus - distinction from statusReason unclear – semantic overlap? Consensus is that it was brought in as DeviceComponent was brought in. Any history relation to associationStatus, which seems to have come in at about the same time but seems to relate more or less solely to implant devices?

Potential uses for FHIR Subscription-type scenarios in relation to device alert reporting, with special attention to latency, reliability, scalability in different architectures and system interaction modes. Dependancies on context and regulatory standards requirements of the use case. Needs to be a substantial work item.


  • John Rhoads will research JIRA for clues and report back
  • Todd will extend discussion of subscription needs in SDPi Confluence pages, and invite Stefan Schlichting to share results of previous research on device alerting and FHIR
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