Check-in on ongoing activities on mapping for IG, core FHIR spec issues related to devices


Kathrin Riech (Univ. Lübeck)

Stefan Karl (Consultant)

Peter Muir (Pjm Consulting)

Michelle Barry (Availity)

Brian Reinhold (LNI)

John Rhoads (Philips), notes

Meeting Notes

  • Kathrin going forward with IEEE 11073 Service-Oriented Device Connectivity mappings
  • Stefan continues work on IEEE 11073-10201 ("Classic") mappings and IG updates made necessary by changes to IG Publisher control file required contents
  • John working on Glossary for PoCD IG and starting on Use Case coverage - Stefan gave guidance for adding the new material and offers to review new material on a Git branch before merging it into the master branch
  • all interested in the PoCD IG urged to read it with "fresh eyes" and make suggestions!
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