Implementation Guide issues


Björn Andersen

Kathrin Riech

Todd Cooper

Peter Muir

Brian Reinhold

John Rhoads (notes)

Meeting Notes

John asked others if they had encountered a problem recently in running the IG Publisher (and specifically Jekyll errors) lately. No one had any recent data, so troubleshooting will continue.

Todd walked us through a draft Project Scope Statement for the special IG for applications seeking device data from either Personal Health Device (PHD) or Point-of-Care Devices (PoCD) that we discussed last week.

(Link to HL7 draft "FHIR IG for Device Information Consumers" JIRA PSS:

He will revise the title to respond to comments and a suggestion from Adilia that using the term "client applications" in place of "consumers" would avoid some potential confusion.

Björn suggested that as described the proposal sounded more like a user guide than the usual FHIR IG in that, as currently written, there was no mention of the sorts of artifacts (for example StructureDefinitions constraining standard FHIR resource specifications) that IGs typically contain. Todd said that was not what was intended, and plans to clarify the matter by revising the draft

The consensus of those present was that Todd should make the suggested revisions and submit, expecting to get further feedback from reviewers suggesting additional changes.

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