Planning review for PoCD IG next revision


Kathrin Riech
Stefan Karl
Todd Cooper
Peter Muir
john Rhoads, notes

Meeting Notes

Kathrin and Stefan reported merge of additional 10207 information into Continuous Integration build

next per Kathrin:

  • value sets and extensions
  • still some things to add to mappings

Overall check of next steps:

  • work on use cases
  • more description and examples
  • wave forms

More extensive discussion of what coverage of Device Alert would entail. Should we proceed to publish a more complete version of the Device Data Reporting coverage and defer the Device Alert coverage to a separate Implementation Guide? Consensus of the group was no, we should try to include it in the next revision, even though that depends on getting the new resource design approved.

Todd presented the idea of an IG designed for implementers of Device Data Consumer use cases (without the considerable amount of detail that is really only useful to Reporter implementations, and also discussed the recently initiated HL7 / IHE Project Gemini initiative that he has proposed and which has been accepted as a Gemini project. See the following Confluence pages:

Project Gemini

Device Interoperability using SDPi+FHIR

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