Personal Health Devices (PHD) Implementation Guide (IG) report-out

  • Status of publication request
  • Next steps

Point-of-Care-Devices (PoCD) Implementation Guide (IG) report-out - 2020-03-30 Meeting Notes

  • Priorities, next steps

Moving away from JIRA


Stefan Karl (consultant)

Edgar Kisuu (Philips)

Paul Schluter (CMI)

Martin Rosner (Philips)

John Garguilo (NIST)

Brian Reinhold (LNI)

Chris Courville (Epic)

John Rhoads (Philips)

Meeting Notes

Personal Health Devices Implementation Guide (Martin and Brian)

  • follow-up questions to HL7 people on the pending publication request submission have not been forthcoming - everyone is busy with COVID-19-related tasks most likely
  • Another version of the IG is planned - de-emphasizing IEEE 11073-20601 since there has been very little activity with such devices. There is a need to extend coverage for getting data from Bluetooth Low Energy devices into the FHIR ecosystem. This has many challenges related to the great diversity of approaches that have been used with different device types in BTLE. There is a lack of a coherent, unified approach to build around.

Point-of-Care Devices Implementation Guide

Other business

  • John Garguilo reports that the device-data related work in NIST, including the Rosetta mapping management database and web application (RTMMS) are proceeding well in spite of (or because of?) everyone working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Chris Courville said that new Epic implementations are using the IEEE 11073-10101 codes for device observations and there is a move to retrofit this to existing implementations. This would be aided by the use of the API implemented at NIST for mapping data downloads.

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