Work planning - in view of Stefan Karl's retirement from Philips, and changes at Draeger, need to look to our labor force and involve additional people


Brian Reinhold (LNI)

Stefan Karl (newly independent scholar and consultant!)

Javier Espina (Philips)@

John Rhoads (Philips)

Meeting Notes

Effective start of March, Stefan Karl, who has been the most productive contributor to the PoCD Implementation Guide work, has retired from Philips. He states that for some while (next few meetimgs anyways), he will continue to contribute to the Devices on FHIR work.

Kathrin Riech (Univ. Lübeck) has been working on mappings - See project IEEE11073-10207IG (see References)

Others who may be willing to contribute in one way or other:

Todd Todd Cooper  (original leader of Devices on FHIR project, currently working on Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) activities and hence maybe possible to interest in re-connecting?)

Stefan Stefan Schlichting is now at UNITY AG Consulting & Innovation - his consulting work may lead him into the medical device world from time to time - we may hope to see him

Draeger team and associates who have done work before now, with special reference to SDC: 

Jan-Alrik Philipsen may have a diferent work assignment now, but we still hope to see him in the future

others we are uncertain about availability, but have high hopes: David Gregorczyk, Björn Andersen (after his thesis, maybe?), Martin Kasparick


Katrin Riech's Implementation Guide project on

Devices on FHIR JIRA project (project id: DOF):

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