Discussion of DoF "futures" -

  • should the addition of Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) to the next iteration of the Point-of-Care Device (PoCD) Integration Guide be reconsidered in view of labor shortages?
  • Other topics for additional consideration


John Dyer
Stefan Karl
John Garguilo
Michael Faughn
Malike Viswanath
Paul Schluter
Brian Reinhold


Based on the previously discussed reasons for continuing with the integration of SDC into the PoCD, specifically avoiding divergences inevitable with divided IGs for closely similar material likely to result in user confusion, and after comments from Stefan to the effect that this would not involve that much additional effort, there was a general consensus to continue toward this goal.

There was discussion of the difficulties for implementers in working with a specification that still has major unsettled parts, like FHIR. Paul Schluter emphasized the importance of laying the groundwork for rigorous conformance testing. John Garguilo recommended a recent document on conformance from the HL7 Conformance WG (see below for reference) and advocated for profile definers to use the NIST Implementation Guide Authoring and Management (IGAMT tool) as a way of making the process of generating HL7 V2 test tooling automated to a considerable extent. There was discussion of current and future NIST efforts in FHIR conformance testing.


NIST IGAMT test tool

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