PHD - procedures for including the successful ballot version of the PHD Implementation Guide in HL7 process, FHIR Registry

PoCD - status of steps for next edition, status of development of device alert support

Upcoming FHIR Connectathon and IEEE / HL7 Work Group Meetings - next week in Sydney

Emerging DSL (Domain-specific Language) for FHIR "profiling" for Implementation Guides: FHIR Shorthand (FSH)


Koichiro Matsumoto (Nihon Kohden)

Brian Reinhold (LNI)

Chris Courville (Epic)

Martin Rosner (Philips)

Michael Faughn (Prometheus / NIST)

Meeting Notes

  • Continuing previous discussions on remaining official HL7 / FHIR Foundation steps to getting full completed / published / registered state for FHIR Personal Health Device Implementation Guide (and also FHIR Point-of-Care Device (PoCD) Implementation Guide). We have had some difficulty reconciling the several not entirely consistent HL7 wiki and Confluence pages on the subject. Martin asked John to probe the question with FHIR authorities at next weeks Sydney HL7 Work Group meetings.
  • John reported that at Monday PoCD meeting, Stefan reported that earlier in the day he had a phone meeting with Kathrin Reich about the mapping Service-Oriented Device Communications (SDC) in order to include SDC in a combined IEEE 11073-10201 Domain Information Model and SDC next edition of the PoCD Implementation Guide. Some participants in the overall SDC effort have had significant time challenges to participation but rumor has it that this may get better soon.
  • There was a short discussion on FHIR Shorthand.


FHIR Shorthand a/k/a FSH
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