Discussion of organizational changes in IHE - new subdomain for personal health device concerns involving Personal Connected Health Alliance and Continua


Chris Courville (Epic)
Brian Reinhold (LNI)
Koichiro Matsumoto (Nihon Kohden)
Stefan Karl (Philips)
Paul Schluter (CMI)
Martin Rosner (Philips)
John Garguilo (NIST)
Michael Faughn (Prometheus)
John Rhoads (Philips) - notes


Discussion of trends and strategy in personal health device (PHD) standardization and interoperability. The consensus hope is that the extreme fragmentation of PHD interfacing by proprietary approaches and by approaches like BTLE lacking a unifying model will be helped by the reorganization of the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) Patient Care Device Domain to include an additional subdomain centered on PHD standardization, and by new work in the relevant IEEE 11073 and Continua groups rethinking the approach used thus far in the IEEE 11073-2601 optimized exchange protocol with an approach revised for greater simplicity and a lower technical barrier to entry in implementing. Bringing this body of work into IHE may increase its visibility to non-device-oriented parts of the healthcare IT ecosystem. FHIR approaches to unified observation presentation also simplify the picture even though the "front-end" protocols to the devices themselves remain a chaotic area.

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