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Chair:  @John Rhoads

Scribe: Chris Courville

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Management Minutes of last meeting - Approval 
  • Not done this week, TBD once minutes from last two weeks are uploaded


PHD Implementation Guide Comment Review

  • Martin reminded the group that he sent out the block vote last week for review. 
  • Group discussed Clem McDonalds negative comments and how they were helpful in making the IG more accessible. He;s verbally withdrawn his comments but hasn't followed-up with official email. We will chase him again
  • Martin took opportunity to address Ana's comments: generally that due to FHIR and the tooling we are restricted in what we can do. Ana exclaimed that she agrees with the resolutions recorded for each.
  • Group moves to approve block vote
  • Motion: Brian Reinhold
  • Second: Martin Rosner
  • Motion accepted 10-0-0
  • Next Steps: Martin will put results of this vote in GForge. Then we need to put together a version of the comments spreadsheet with the final resolutions and the votes.
    • Ultimately we want to push for people to test this at Connectathon so it is tested in the wild and we can learn if more changes/ballots are required.
    • Some additional discussion on release versions and the pain that it can sometimes cause.

Management Next agenda
  • Request from John Rhoads on suggestions for agenda topics in future

 Adjourned at 1428 GMT

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Not done this week, TBD once minutes from last two weeks are uploaded

SDC Implementation Guide project:

IEEE 11073 - 10207 IG

Devices on FHIR - issue tracking in JIRA DOF JIRA issue overview