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Scribe: Chris Courville

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Management Minutes of last meeting - Approval 
  • 2019-10-16 cancelled, so minutes review N/A


PHD Implementation Guide Comment Review

  • Group reviewed open comments, led by Martin Rosner. 
  • Review was first one from the May ballot, so titled Block Vote 1.
  • All are noted as Persuasive with Mod, and nearly all have already been implemented
  • Motion: Brian Reinhold
  • Second: Martin Rosner
  • Motion accepted 9-0-0
  • Action: John Rhoads will trigger requests to negative comments to retract their comments
  • Future Plans - hoping to bring the next block vote to the group in two weeks. Would like to do another connectathon and get more feedback before the next ballot cycle

Management Next agenda
  • Request from John Rhoads on suggestions for agenda topics in future
  • Brian Reinhold brought up that OO tried to remove device specialization earlier this week, spurring discussion with Steven Dain and group about whether specialization should indeed remain. Discussion centered around the appropriate use of the element.

 Adjourned at 1449 British Summer Time

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Minute ApprovalNo meeting last week due to conflict with IHE PCD Face-to-face

SDC Implementation Guide project:

IEEE 11073 - 10207 IG

Devices on FHIR - issue tracking in JIRA DOF JIRA issue overview