FHIR Tracker item resolutions on Device-related FHIR resources. Continue mapping study predicate for merging SDC into existing HL7 FHIR PoCD Implementation Guide


Bjorn Andersen, Stefan Karl, Brian Reinhold, John Garguilo

Meeting Notes

For O&O Healthcare Products meeting today at 3 pm ET:

  •   Brian will be there for tracker items, especially Eric Haas tracker suggesting demoting specialization from the Device resource to an extension because it doesn't meet the "80% rule". HCD position is that for the expected large volume of PHD transactions, it will always be present.

Mapping between FHIR and SDC:

  • Desirable for readers that presentation of the mapping in the IG be easily accessible in both directions, that is, from SDC fields to FHIR targets, and from FHIR fields to SDC
    • Best to put SDC→FHIR into mapping portion of the computable resource
    • The inverse mapping, from FHIR to SDC, can be documented in text
    • Strong consensus is that both forms should be generated from a common computable "single source of truth"

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