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MethodologyHL7 V2 mapping (Item from FHIR Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide Punch Lists)

Observation resource V2 mapping in mappings tab of FHIR Specification

Consensus: PoCD IG V2 mapping for Observation and Device should focus on mappings pertinent to use cases covered in IG, and for in device observation reporting use case should be consistent where possible with IHE PCD-01 profile since that is the mapping that most likely to already be familiar to device observation reporter and device observation consumer implementers

HL7 V2 mapping - way of presenting in IGOne or more explanatory text pages for the overall V2 mapping, concentrating on cases where the mapping needs discussion. The mapping part of the ElementDefinition corresponding to individual elements in the (profile) StructureDefinition will be populated to describe the V2 mapping. Most of these mappings will be straightforward, but in some cases like measurementStatus there isn't a simple single-field to single-field mapping and a full text explanation will be necessary

Note that the SDC group has produced a SDC to FHIR mapping in their materialAll of us working on the IG should familiarize ourselves with this – since we will be merging SDC with the existing IG, new material should be consistent with it as much as possible and any necessary deviations or variations should be discussed and resolved

Question from Brian (mainly interested in the Personal Health Device IG but coordinating with the Point-of-Care Group to keep as much common ground as possible): what are the differences between SDC and the IEEE 11073-10201 Domain Information Model (DIM)-based approach used so far by PoCD groupThere are differences in low-level detail but since the SDC explicitly starts from the 11073-10201 DIM, the differences at the level of a FHIR implementation should not be serious. The current version (0.2) of the PoCD IG does not cover the alert and contol packages of functionality, but these are present and largely consistent in both the DIM and SDC.

Preliminary discussion of performance concerns with high-volume, high-speed device data using standard RESTful FHIR methods and known FHIR servers

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