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Management Minutes of last meeting - Approval  DoF 2019-09-25 Weekly Meeting

Most of the notes recorded were actions from the WGM (by Beth), and some action review was outstanding so continued that review.


Personal Health Device Implementation Guide Status Update

  • Final revisions in progress
  • Still working on adding LOINC code mapping (waiting to hear back from Clem and LOINC team)
  • Some items need to be added into GForge

Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide Status Update (see also 2017-10-01 DoF PoCD group notes)
  • A few topics were discussed on the last PoCD group call
    • Observation and performance issues: work on determining the best way to represent a differential observation and point to the base
      • Brian mentions how there is a proposed solution in PHD
      • Zulip chatter on the proposal, including Graham (mentioned that the HAPI FHIR server is not too fast, so following up with that team)
    • Stefan Karl IG Update: converted IG guide to the new IG publisher
      • Everyone should now be able to see the updates
      • Sounds like the new publisher has some nice features that make life easier for those working on the IGs
      • Stefan Karl will provide link to new features

General topics: DevDays and IHE Technical Framework documents
  • Todd Cooper trying to finalize DoF activities in next Dev Days, to follow on from successes in ATL
  • Brian Reinhold asked to emphasize to Tom how PHD and PoCD need to work together / play nice
  • Also discussed PHD/PoCD > PCD-01 > FHIR mapping - need to show how / help people to do this smoothly

Continue to review and revise as needed Work Group Meeting Minutes 2019 Mtg Minutes -September Atlanta IEEE/HL7-HCD (starting at Thursday Q1)

Refer to Meeting Minutes review - covered this there

Plug for Jira sign-up
  • John Rhoads describes how Jira can be very useful in tracking issues and discussion. Its highly recommended that all DoF participants set up a Jira account

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 Adjourned at 1503 British Summer Time

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Minute Approval DoF 2019-09-25 Weekly Meeting
Recent PoCD notes2017-10-01 DoF PoCD group
SDC Implementation Guide project:

IEEE 11073 - 10207 IG

Devices on FHIR - issue tracking in JIRA DOF JIRA issue overview