Begin triage of Punch list and JIRA items for next revision of HL7 FHIR Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide which will incorporate Service-Oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) implementation details as well as the current material based on IEEE 11073-10201 Medical Device Communications Domain Information Model (DIM)

Discussion of performance challenges of high-volume device data feeds in acute-care environe


Stefan Karl (Philips)

Brian Reinhold (LNI / Continua)

Michael Faughn (Prometheus Computing / NIST)

John Rhoads (Philips, notes)

Meeting Notes

Began with IG need for additional HL V2 mapping information

  • Should align where possible with material in draft SDC Implementation Guide in 
  • SDC Models fundamentally the same as in existing balloted HL7 FHIR Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide, including alerting and control, with some differences in detail
  • Mappings from V2 fields mostly straightforward to single FHIR element and can be adequately represented by mapping part of corresponding FHIR resource ElementDefinition in StructureDefinition; some more complicated cases such as MeasurementStatus (which maps to multiple elements in FHIR resource) will require separate explanatory text in IG

Discussion of performance issues in typical FHIR servers demonstrated by Draeger tests

  • A particular problem is large volume of new Observation resources generated in simulation of typical acute-care scenarios. These involve much storage of duplicate information when basically only the value, and no other substantive elements, have changed. Is there a direction that the Patch resource or something similar could be developed to improve throughput in situations like these? Stefan will continue to investigate.

Meeting adjourned

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