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ManagementReview and revise as needed Work Group Meeting Minutes 2019 Mtg Minutes -September Atlanta IEEE/HL7-HCD

Identified action items from the review are included below:

QuarterAction Item
Monday Q3Unclear as to what is needed to migrate the HCD Projects Page.  John Rhoads to follow up.
Monday Q4The presentations are missing.  The WGM meeting minutes need to be updated for the presentations.  John Rhoads to follow up.
Monday Q4Part way through the 11073 SC and PoCD P&Ps.  The instructions and links for signing up for the new standards committee mailing list need some clarity and re-circulation to the working group.  John Rhoads to follow up. 
Tuesday Q2

The presentations are missing.  The WGM meeting minutes need to be updated for the presentations.  John Rhoads to follow up.

Question about where the tracking system for SCD resides (  Need volunteers to work the tickets. 

NOTE that is an interim solution for preparing IGs. 

NOTE that the comment period of IHE PCD whitepaper "Service-oriented Device Point-of-Care Interoperability (SDPi)" a device-to-device connectivity in high-acuity healthcare environments using Web Services Technology." is closed, but informal comments would likely be welcomed.

Tuesday Q3Quiet Hospital effort touches both IEEE and IHE.
Tuesday Q4Challenges: the lack of plug and play functionality.  
Wednesday Q1Update the link for Michael Faughn's presentation link.  John Rhoads to follow up.
Wednesday Q2

Updated the entry in the WGM meeting minutes for the 10101R issues. 

The action item to clean up the device alerts, events and alarms is in progress by John Rhoads.  Kept "Status" vs. "Resource Status" and agrees with the proposed change of "Alert Phase".

Brian Reinhold shared that he and Clem will be exchanging information on LOINC codes.  No substantive changes to the IG at t his time, and will work on pulling together a block vote to handle during a future DoF call.

The Reference Punch list update will be coordinated by John Rhoads

Wednesday Q3

Additional resources are needed for the review of the LOINC code mappings that already exist.  John Rhoads will follow up.

NOTE: As part of the review of associated documentation, a future action item will be to organize the document page within the HCD Confluence space to make the titles clearer, and identify who the author is. TBD for follow up.

Wednesday Q4Action added: brief but complete proposal for changes to the data type for these and other two dimensional data presentations.  Assigned to ????
Management Review and add to as needed JIRA Tasks from Working Group MeetingN/A 

Review and revise FHIR Point-of-Care Device Implementation Guide Punch Lists

Included in the discussion above.    John Rhoads to follow up.

 Adjourned at 10:05 AM ET

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