September WGM Atlanta FHIR Connectathon preparations

Additional SDC "hack-a-thon" time at WGM on Thursday and Friday

Planned consolidation of Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) into PoCD IG next version


Todd Cooper (Breakthrough Solutions Foundry)

Stefan Karl (Philips)

Bjorn Andersen (University of Lubeck)

Jan-Alrick Philipsen (Draeger)

Joe Quinn (Optum)

John Rhoads (Philips, notes)

Meeting Notes

  • Todd reported on SDC White Paper out for comment in IHE Patient Care Device domain, covering reporting, alerting and control use cases. Encourages commenting by members of this group
  • Atlanta WGM 
    • See FHIR Connectathon Devices Track page
    • Who will attend? Stefan Schlichting, David Gregorczyk, Bjorn will be there for WG but not for FHIR Connectathon Sat-Sun, Stefan Karl, Brian Reinhold, John Rhoads
  • Consolidation of SDC into existing PoCD IG
    • complete and consolidate V2 mapping based on IHE PCD-01 profile
    • add more use cases and guidance, examples
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