• Continue discussion of proposal of Alert resource


Stefan Karl, Joe Quinn, John Rhoads (notes)

The following Word document contains Stefan Schlicting's notes on the form of the proposed resource as of 2019-06-03, with additional comments from John Rhoads and Stefan Karl from the 2019-06-17 meeting, plus additional issues and topics proposed to be taken up in preparing the proposal.

More open issues / ongoing topics:

  • Enumerate Design goals and specify how they are met /not yet met by the current draft content (i.e. gaps)?
  • Enrich definitions with fuller details
  • For each fields, additional rules and ways in which they support design goals
  • How well do their semantics align with current FHIR rules and customary practices?
  • Review in relation to 60601-1-8, 80001-1-5, etc.
  • Use cases in standard must be accomplished

Others please download and add comments for discussion at the next meeting.

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  1. Question:  In looking at the potential application of this to the Quiet Hospital in IHE PCD, what about "PCD-05" and SDC Alert Delegation support?  Just as we are postulating a SDC gateway proxy (esque) actor to bridge with the ACM world, we would have the same for DoF Alerting that would be mostly functionally equivalent ... right?