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Coordinate activities on PoCD IG Continuous Integration build


George Dixon
Stefan Karl
Michael Faughn
John Rhoads


Michael has a working build capability for the IG and offers to run builds for others with problems

Stefan reports that a problem in the core build of overall package file (as opposed to anything in the PoCD IG) caused by a upper case / lowercase sensitivity inconsistency in the PC vs. (for example, Linux) that had been leading to build problems was fixed

Open issue: steps to submitting the PoCD IG for the ballot - in the IG in the January ballot, this was done by manual work by Michel Rutten and the Firely team - we need to figure out the equivalent steps for our current IG Publisher version. We know that the Continuous Integration (CI) build is part of this, and that a change to How is this generated? 


  • John - review the home and overview pages, check in source changes to make them consistent with changes to the related FHIR resources (deletion of DeviceComponent, associated changes with Device, etc., need for explanation and references relative to UDI). 
  • Stefan to make changes to the navigation bar to remove items pointing to empty pages
  • John to determine the process for submission of the IG for the ballot 


This "finders guide" to PoCD IG material now that it is hooked to the FHIR IG Continuous Integration process is from Stefan Karl's

Point-of-Care Device (PoCD) Implementation Guide Repository

This implementation guide focuses on the application of FHIR to the general category of Point-of-Care Devices (PoCD), such as those typically found in a hospital care setting (e.g., physiological monitors, infusion pumps, ventilators, pulse-oximeters, etc.).

Canonical URL

The canonical URL of this implementation guide is

Continuous Integration Build

The rendered implementation guide is available at

For the build log, see
For validation output, see

Local Build

Install the FHIR IG Publisher and Jekyll as described in the IG Publisher Documentation.

Clone the Git repository to your local file system: git clone
In the PoCD-IG directory, run the publisher with JSON control file as argument: java -jar org.hl7.fhir.igpublisher.jar -ig ig.json
When completed, point your browser to index.html in the PoCD-IG/output directory.

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