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Todd Cooper

Michael Faughn

Ken Fuchs

Stefan Karl

John Rhoads



  1. Cleveland Update
    • NA PAT18 Last week in Cleveland
      • HSX (South Eastern Penn HIE - 6 million individuals)
        • Very interested in pillbox FHIR to HIE - they have the EHR / hospital nailed
      • Japan - CAT lead - participated in FHIR discussions
      • Cerner / Ali - continued to develop his app
      • Korea brought a server (HAPI FHIR based) 
      • Philips / Peter K. & Shashank provided a physio monitor stream to KNU's FHIR server  ( monitor => Intellivue Guardian (concentrator) => IntellBridge Enterprise => FHIR / V2@PCD-01) 
      • Philips / Stefan Karl's DevDay's PoCD IG Conformant reference data
      • Philips / John Silva - spent time understanding how things connected
      • Zoll & others registered and participated intermittently
    • Clearly a building level of interest both from PAT18 participants as well as NA CAT18 joint session
    • Blockchain track went very well as well 
  2. Ballot Closing TODAY
    • How do we consolidate ballot comments?!
      • (JR) There is SUPPOSEDLY that achieves this ... 
      • ACTION( JR / TC ) follow-up for Wednesday's call to discuss & prioritize
  3. Wednesday Agenda Review
    • @ PHD / PoCD Model - no pre-discussion scheduled ... cannot do Wednesday (w/o Erik Moll) ... will push out to NOLA
      • ACTION( JR ) Check w/ Asim if Erik will be able to join in NOLA
  4. New Orleans Prep
    • Going:  JR, KF, MF;  Regrets:  TC & SK
  5. PoCD IG Update
    • SK is adding mapping tables to the current draft
    • Question:  Are there any ASN.1 data type mappings in the PHD IG that should be considered for the PoCD IG?
      • For example, BITS:  MeasurementStatus?  SK defined specific terms per bit and a value set that is called out in an extension VS. PHD that creates a new code system for this approach 
      • NOTE:  PHG has to be generic and thus needs an approach that can handle any current and future BITS mapping w/o knowing the content being transferred
      • For PoCD - the focus will be on mapping semantic content #1, that should result in value sets vs. code systems!!! 
    • NOTE:  PHD Unit coding is focused only on 11073, even for vital signs measurements ...
      • ACTION( TC ) Summit a comment to the PHD IG ballot for the use of UCUM to be conformant to the FHIR standard
    • @ NOLA - there will be considerable discussion by the FHIR management about profiling tooling and process 


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