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Todd Cooper

Chris Courville

Michael Faughn

Ken Fuchs

Stefan Karl

John Rhoads



  1. PoCD IG Editing / Ballot
    • Note:  Stefan Karl has started updating w.r.t. mapping table in the Technical Implementation section
    • Ballot feedback:
      • Eric Haas has indicated an issue with the identifiers for the MDC11073 coding system w/ tracker # reference;  wants a URL vs. URN in the ballot
      • MF indicates that the RTMMS web site is being rewritten w/ a Mongo backend that should enable RESTful interfaces ... TBD timing (Garguilo / Nicholas)
      • Garguilo:  there is a service call available ...
        • Grahame visited NIST 2017-09 to discuss an MDC callable page from FHIR (similar to LOINC); provided a call that Grahame could use to access the term set weekly / daily to get an update of the value set.
        • RESTful interface is on the planning board - working on prioritization but is not high priority at this point
    • NOTEBallot closes Monday, January 22nd
  2. Harmonized PHD / PoCD Model
    • This is up for discussion this Wednesday
    • Reviewed model in PoCD IG (Profiles section) - all agreed that that still was best
      • Note that this is especially true since it maintains the model between iHE PCD-01 (for example) and FHIR, making implementation very simple for systems supporting both
    • Reviewed Eric Moll's PCHAlliance slides for a possible position / proposal from them this Wednesday
    • Chris & group echoed that ...
      • ProductionSpec should not be driving options - should just be in DeviceComponent
      • Device must be used
      • UDI should only be used in Device
      • Having another resource - though without much content - to ensure consistency between PoCD & PHD should not be a problem
      • ACTION( Todd ) reach out to Asim regarding Wednesday discussion to make sure that there will be a proposal / material from the PCHAlliance side
    • Gateway Use
      • Ken mentioned some issues voiced about how gateways report multiple devices & multiple patients in a FHIR "stream" - analogous to PCD-01 use for the same purposes
      • This was added as a place holder topic to the IG Technical Implementation Guidance section.
  3. UDI Model Support
    • Reviewed the example models that Stefan had drafted a few months back.
    • Approach is to use only Device for this and to include another instance of Device for any sub-MDS components that have additional UDI's
    • Group reaffirmed that this is the best and most scalable approach
    • Todd added these diagrams to the current PoCD IG draft.
  4. Observation / Vital Signs Profile
    • No one had spent additional time looking at this
  5. 11073MDC Page
    • JR sent out an e-mail this morning regarding the 11073MDC page and how "provisional" terms should be handled (vs. those that have completed balloting and are part of the standard
    • ACTION( all ) See e-mail and respond with opinion
    • To be discussed further this Wednesday

Next Meeting:  Canceled next week (January 15th); scheduled for January 22nd





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