Todd Cooper

Michael Faughn

Ken Fuchs

Stefan Karl

John Rhoads

Discussion Notes

  1. Simplifier => HL7 December Ballot Materials

    1. TC discussed process separately with Furore team, Lloyd & Moehrke

    2. Furore team is working on addressing this exact question - provided an initial process - is looking to help us to make this a success

    3. Lloyd - had a very simple "party line" approach - basically getting everything into the current build (smile) 

    4. Moehrke is focused on using Simplifier for IHE Profiles (FHIR-based content in IHE Profiles) that would be balloted only in iHE; so, this is out-of-scope for our current efforts

  2. PoCD IG Completion for December Ballot
    1. Primary focus of group now is to complete a basic draft of the IG (Ballot for Comment) by the December ballot date
    2. ACTION( TC ) Determine exact dates for materials "submission"
    3. ACTION( TC ) Determine Furore timeline and finalized process ... for December ballot
    4. ACTION( TC ) Complete the Observation Vital Signs Profile mapping table from 11073-LOINC for inclusion in December ballot + Renew discussion w/ Rob Hausam regarding updating this profile (from the DevDays discussions)
    5. ACTION( JR ) Review Co-Chair handbook to see if there is anything that needs to be addressed for this Ballot cycle - that may not otherwise be obvious 
  3. Device Containment Issues / Discussions
    1. SK circulated the notes from a recent OO call regarding Device "containment" and related issues  2017-11-09 OO FHIR NOTES ARE HERE
    2. The notes include a presentation on "Instance vs. Kind" consistency esp. for Device resource usage
    3. NOTE: No one from the DEV WG / DoF team has been involved in this discussion ... but should!
    4. FDA UDI is also a key part of this discussion, including whether the UDI only identifies a basic "kind" of device OR it includes the physical instance identifiers
    5. This discussion is highly germane to our discussion around how best to represent UDI between Device and DeviceComponent resources, especially when VMD and Channel may also have a UDI 
    6. ACTION( TC ) Contact Hans & OO discussion participants to determine status of discussion (now a month later) and request a joint discussion with this DoF IG team
  4. January WGM in New Orleans
    1. ACTION( TC => KF ) Provide quarters when joint meetings are scheduled
  5. Items remembered AFTER the call ...
    1. ACTION( TC ) asking Grahame to push to the next step of giving us access to in advance of the December ballot
    2. ACTION( JR ) finalize the content for the "11073MDC" FHIR page ... in time for the December ballot