Todd Cooper

Stefan Karl

John Rhoads



  1. Reviewed Action Items
    • SK & TC now have access to Collaboration tools
    • DoF Wednesday action items done
    • IG Template (Azure) not created w/ Simplifier, but still recommended to use that structure
  2. IG Organization
    1. ACTION( TC ) Add "overview" / home section
    2. Use cases?
      • <simple surveillance monitoring use case w/ SpO2 & ECG (no incl. waveform)>
      • <simple device tracking w/ UDI + Location resource>
      • <display trended device-sourced data>  Need to get one or more consumers on board (e.g., Cerner / Epic)
      • <snapshot>
      • <waveform streaming>
      • <alarm - consider P3E use case>
    3. ACTION( TC ) Add simple DEC to Implementation section
    4. ACTION( SK ) Add content to the DeviceComponent Profile page for Extensions, explanatory text, examples, etc.
    5. ACTION( JR ) Add content to the Overview section to explain the 11073 DIM model and relationship to FHIR etc.
  3. Waveform Discussions
    • Increased discussions about how to handle medical waveforms in FHIR, availability of using 11073?
    • Need to engage those on Zulip discussion (Nance / GE & Essien Ge / Philips China)
    • ACTION( JR ) Meeting w/ Essien to discuss 11073 waveforms @ IEEE 11073
  4. Profile Cannonical Form URL
    • NOTE: has been allocated 
    • ACTION( TC ) Ask Grahame about process for using for this purpose
    • ACTION( TC & JR ) Coordinate with PCHAlliance / Brian on the same question for PHDs