The HL7 International Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is working on a plan to categorize all of the standards that have been developed over the years.  The goal is to make it easier for implementers and other stakeholders to find the standards they are interested in on the Standards Grid on the HL7 website.


To date, the TSC has worked to define categories and characteristics for standards: 

  • Active– A standard that has been published, known to be or planned to be in use, with likely future updates under consideration by a WG.
  • Stable– A standard that may be in use and may generate some feedback and questions, but is not under active review, or expected to be updated in the foreseeable future.
  • Archived– A standard that has no current or planned standards development activity within the community; which may no longer be in use, or which we don't want people to consider for use.

The full description of characteristics can be found on the Characteristics of Proposed Standards Categories page.

A set of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been developed to assist groups in completing the categorization work.

The next step in this work is to seek a small number of Product Management Groups and Work Groups to categorize the standards they are responsible for using the draft categories and characteristics.

Expected effort

The effort to review and categorize the standards owned by a Product Family or Work Group will vary based on the number of standards.  

The participating groups will use Confluence and will be provided a list of the relevant standards to categorize.  In addition, any comments regarding the process, categories and characteristics will be captured.


The outcome of this pilot will be a refined set of categories and characteristics that will be applied to all HL7 standards as the Standards Grid is simplified.

How do I get more information or sign up?

To get more information on the categories and characteristics and to find out how to participate in the pilot, insert your Work Group/Product Family and contact information below by editing the page.

Work Group or Product FamilyContact Person
InM/V3 (Infrastructure)Anthony Julian
Public HealthCraig Newman
Project ServicesRichard Haddorff

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  1. I am interested in participation but also in the scope of the work.  for example:  I was wondering if this would include relevant (by no means all) ISO standards such as those which can be used to determine the quality of a data map developed for the health informatics community. - something of high relevance to the HL7 community?

    1. The primary reason for this project is to classify HL7 Standards for the purpose of better organizing those standards on the HL7 Standards Grid on the main HL7 website. The intent is to allow those seeking HL7 standards documents to more easily find those standards that are under active maintenance and use. Trying to apply this classification scheme may be an interesting exercise but is certainly beyond the scope of this project.