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Work GroupCIC
Project Insight IDTBD
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Clinical Genomics



Emergency Care


Patient Care


Public Health

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Health Care Devices

  • For each Work Group, choose Affirmative, Negative, Abstain

  • If you are voting for a WG AND are also a co-chair for another WG in the CSD, please include a comment to indicate which WG you are voting on behalf of.

  • Use the  in the comments section to add comments to the vote.

  • Feel free to comment inline on Confluence documents*.

  • Negatives that do NOT have a comment will be considered abstain. Please register your vote below.


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Project Approval Request

Choices Your Vote Current Result: (11 Total Votes) Comments
abstain Project Approval Request
0 Votes , 0%
affirmative: Lindsey Hoggle's Comment on affirmative: Voting for CIC
affirmative: For BR&R 1) Section 5b says "Comment Only" but 3e is clear that it is on a Normative track. 2) Comment only ballots are now discouraged - you should try and get engagement from others by going out to talk to them 3) On your timeline you should be targeting R5 not R4
affirmative: Kevin Power's comment on affirmative: Given that CIMI is the co-sponsor WG not CG, I will vote affirmative for CG.
affirmative: Voting for PCWG
affirmative: affirmative for LHS
affirmative: Affirmative for PH
affirmative Project Approval Request
11 Votes , 100%
negative (with comments only) Project Approval Request
0 Votes , 0%

*  Refer to Can I add comments without editing the page? for directions.


  1. On the default view I see on the PSS, it seems that Clinical Genomics is listed as a Co-Sponsort WG, but none of the other CG co-chairs are aware of this?

    2b. Co-Sponsor WG

    Clinical Genomics

    However, I noticed that if I click on the "Show Changes >" link, it seems that perhaps it was changed?

    2b. Co-Sponsor WG

    Clinical Information Modeling Initiative

    I am somewhat confused as to which one is the right one?  I have always looked at the default view when reviewing the PSS documents (without clicking Show Changes), but are we supposed to click the "Show Changes" link to see the latest/greatest?  And the page is not a normal confluence page, as it only shows one version in the Page History - but Show Changes link seems to show a change was made Oct 24 by Dave Hamill .

    Melva Peters / Richard R. Esmond  ?


    kevin power

    1. The correct Co-Sponsor is CIMI.  I'm not sure why the latest version doesn't show up as a default.

      Joshua Procious can you help with this?

  2. The PSS incorrectly listed Clinical Quality Information as the sponsor WG. CQI is not the sponsor of this PSS. The PSS showed June 27, 2019 for the Sponsoring WG Approval Date. The CQI WG did not meet on June 27 and has no records of approving this as sponsoring WG. The CQI WG can not vote on this until the PSS is fixed. 

  3. The PSS is sponsored by CIC.  I have emailed the Co-Chairs of the CIC Work Group and have asked them to get the PSS fixed.

  4. Sponsoring WG has now been fixed on PSS.  Thanks Russ!