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Situation Awareness;


The Situational Awareness for Novel Epidemic Response Implementation Guide enables transmission of high level situational awareness information from inpatient facilities to centralized data repositories to support the treatment of novel influenza-like illness

Intend to ballot IG eventually

USOpen resources for Patient assessment and monitoringFHIR resources used in Dedalus' COVID-19 Solution software, covering patient self-assessment, remote Practitioner-driven clinical assessment and telemedicine/self-monitoring
Europe occupancy; IOTOften, referring Physicians do not know where currently beds are available. This IOT device enables referring physicians to see where they can send their patients.Hardware and software builtGermany Under Investigation formPUI; FHIR Questionnaire resourceFHIR questionnaire implementation of the CDC PUI (Patient Under Investigation) formDemonstrator on GithubUS Interoperability Project

FHIR resources for Demographics,

Organizational Data,Vital Signs,Exposure History,

Iterative releases of COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2 -related clinical information models, value sets, and interoperability resources. Assets are targeted at health systems and HIT implementors to rapidly produce semantically interoperable solutions across vendor platforms.Balloted IG intendedOpen Source Epidemiology; contact tracingCoEpi is a privacy-first system for anonymous Bluetooth-based contact tracing / exposure matching based on voluntary symptom sharing and/or confirmed COVID-19 test results. Communities of close contacts can begin protecting themselves with CoEpi immediately; there is no scale required to achieve benefit to closed user groups.Requesting early testers CoronaScienceHome self-monitoring app; anonymised data; MIDATA research platformThe aim of the Corona Science project is to make available as quickly as possible a collection of anonymized/aggregated health and symptom data in a semantic standard defined with eHealth Suisse as Open Data.
Switzerland COVID19 on FHIRFHIR query; SANERThe COVID19 on FHIR project's primary purpose is to query FHIR servers for COVID19 related data. We support fetching conditions, procedures, medications, encounters, and devices, using LOINC and SNOMED codes identified by our network of collaborators
US COVID-19 GeomappingGeomapping; SANERThis package is responsible for geocoding FHIR Patient demographics into Latitude/Longitude using FHIR Location and then rendering a geojson data layer for use with Google Maps and other GIS applications

Clinic arrivalsClinic workflow; OMS

Project to manage clinic arrivals so patients do not cross-infect. HLY stream.

This program should help a General Practitioner (GP) manage increased workload during the COVID-19 crisis in Australia. It is designed to fit into an existing clinic workflow using common Practice Management Systems (PMS)


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