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HL7 Clinical Quality Information Workgroup

Chair: Bryn Rhodes (CDS)

Scribe: Floyd Eisenberg (CQI)
CQI Co-chairs: Patty Craig, Floyd Eisenberg, Juliet Rubini, KP Sethi, Yan Heras 


  • CQI met with CDS. 
    • CDS hosted the meeting.  Minutes are located here for convenience 
    • Planning for September WGM
      • Monday Q 3 - OO invites CQI, CDS, CIMI
      • Monday Q 4- CQI alone
      • Tuesday Q1 - CQI alone
      • Tuesday Q 2 - CQI invites CDS and FHIR Infrastructure
      • Tuesday Q 3 - CDS invites CQI and FHIR Infrastructure
      • Tuesday Q 4 - PC invites CQI - CDS - Vocab, OO, CIMI, SD
      • Wed Q 1 - CDS invites CIMI, CQI
      • Wed Q 2 - CQI invites CDS
      • Wed Q 3 - CDS invites CQI and Pharmacy
      • Wed Q 4 - CQI alone
  • CQL-based HQMF Ballot Reconciliation Review - Bryn reviewed comments with the combined CQI - CDS Workgroups
    • Reviewed in-person comments (7) to discuss options for resolution (to be discussed with commenters at subsequent meetings)
    • 27 additional (not in-person) comments:
      • Bryn provided a general overview of comments in Q3 - for further discussion and resolutions to start in Q4.

Session ended 3:00 PM EDT