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Important: Only edit the title of this page. Do not edit the macros below. Once you edit the title to your liking, select "Publish" at the bottom right. Once, the page is published, you can use tools on the page to add users/update the attendance log. How to Use this Log

ONLY use the CHECK IN button IF you are unable to find yourself in the below list, please click 'Check In' to add a new row to CQI's Attendance List.

Please enter your First Name, then Last Name.

CQI Attendance List is alphabetized by First Name

  • Use Search to find yourself in the List.
  • Click 'Edit' next to your name and check the Day/Quarter you are attending.
    • The _Initialize row at the top of the Attendance Log shows which quarters CQI is collecting attendance for. 
    • If you are attending a CQI meeting being Hosted by another Workgroup, you must check in to their Attendance Log.
    • Please update your Name and/or Company Name as needed.

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Attending WGM

Sun Q0

Sun Q1

Sun Q2

Sun Q3

Sun Q4

Sun Q5

Mon Q0

Mon Q1

Mon Q2

Mon Q3

Mon Q4

Mon Q5

Tues Q0

Tues Q1

Tues Q2

Tues Q3

Tues Q4

Tues Q5

Wed Q0

Wed Q1

Wed Q2

Wed Q3

Wed Q4

Wed Q5

Thurs Q0

Thurs Q1

Thurs Q2

Thurs Q3

Thurs Q4

Thurs Q5

Fri Q0

Fri Q1

Fri Q2

Fri Q3

Fri Q4

_InitializeQuarters HL7 X X X X X X X
Angela Flanagan Lantana X X X X X X X
Anne Smith NCQA X X X X X
Bas van den Henvel Philips X X X
Brian Alper EBSCO Health X X
Bryn Rhodes ESAC X X X
Christopher Schuler Dynamic Content Group X X X X X X X X
Claudia Hall Mathematica X X X X X X
David Sundaram-Stukel Epic X X X X X X X
Dennis Patterson Cerner X
Dresden Maxwell X
Eric Larson CDC X
Floyd Eisenberg iParsimony, LLC X X X X X X X
Grahame Grieve Health Intersections X
Guilherme Del Fiol University of Utah X X
Howard Strasberg Wolters Kluwer X X
Hyok-Hee Yoo Medisolv X X X X
Il Kon Kim HL7 Korea X
Isaac Vetter Epic X X
Jeremy Audino CoverMyMeds X
Josh Serchen American College of Physicians X
Juliet Rubini Mathematica X X X X X
KP Sethi Lantana X X X
Linda Michaelsen Optum X X
Lisa Anderson The Joint Commission X X X X X X
Matt Elrod APTA X X
Oliver Egger HL7 Switzerland / ahdis X
Patty Craig The Joint Commission X X X X X X X
Paul Denning MITRE X X X X X X X
Rob Samples ESAC X X X
Robert Jenders UCLA X X X
Stan Huff Intermountain Healthcare X
Thomson Kuhn ACP X X
Yunwei Wang IMO X
Zahid Butt Medisolv X X