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HL7 Clinical Quality Information Workgroup
CQI Co-chairs: Patty Craig, Floyd Eisenberg, Juliet Rubini, KP Sethi, Yan Heras
Meeting Chair: Floyd Eisenberg
Meeting Scribe: Patty Craig


    • Roll call
      • Asked everyone to sign-in with CQI
      • CDS also requested CDS members to sign-in with them
    • Reviewed Agenda for this meeting and updated as needed.
    • QDM based HQMF PSS for withdrawal
      • CDS is a co-sponsor of the QDM-based HQMF standard, so CQI discussed the withdrawal with CDS
        • CDS Moved by Bryn Rhodes to accept the Withdraw PSS, Seconded by Juliet Rubini 
        • No further discussion
        • Abstain: 2, Opposed: 0, Affirmative: 39
    • Connectathon Report Out (slide deck)

      • Bryn provided an update of what happened during the Connectathon
      • Still working on how data defined with QI Core can be referenced within the measure - there needs to be tooling that allows an extension to reference a data model other than FHIR Resources.  A tool called QuickFHIR will be developed.
    • Clinical Reasoning Project Update (slide deck)
      • Bryn lead the discussion related to both CQI and CDS workgroups as it relates to Clinical Reasoning.
      • No FHIR Resources should go normative at this time.
      • What does CDS/CQI want to do in R5 with FHIR:  Support the representation and sharing of clinical knowledge that enables a continuous quality improvement cycle
      • What resources should be culled:  ResearchElement, ResearchElementDefinition
      • What resources should we consider renaming: GuidanceResponse (suboptimal name) and RequestGroup (dreadful name)
      • The line between Clinical Reasoning and CDS Hooks is with GuidanceResponse and RequestGroup
    • FHIR Measure IG PSS Consideration
      • Discussed PSS with CDS to determine if they want to be a co-sponsor
        • CDS moved by Bryn Rhodes to be an interested party to the PSS, Seconded by Howard Strasberg  
        • No further discussion
        • Abstain: 0, Opposed: 0, Affirmative: 42 
      • Also discussed that we will  put the PSS through as an International Standard and, if required, by HL7 change it back to US Realm since we do not currently have anyone internationally interested
    • CDS Hooks Project Update (slide deck)
      • Overview & Review
        • A vendor agnostic remote decision support specification
        • CDS Client:  A CPOE or EHR or other clinical workflow system that, (1) invokes CDS Service via a hook, (2) consumes decision support, (3) may provide a SMART authorization and FHIR server
        • CDS Server:  A service that is, (1) invoked via a hook, (2) evaluates its own logic using FHIR data,  (3) returns decision support via cards
        • References:
      • CDS Hooks discussion will continue during Tue Q3 (see CDS meeting minutes as they are hosting)


  • None

Action Items

  • Bryn - Send Grahme the answers to his FHIR questions as it relates to CQI.  The below was sent Thur (1/17) evening:

    • What resources your WG is responsible for are candidates for normative in R5?  What timeframe is reasonable to get those resources to that point?  We don't have any resources that are candidates for normative this cycle.

    • What are your FMM targets for your other resources?  Any issues getting to those targets?  FMM targets for CQI Resources:  Measure - 4, MeasureReport - 4

    • Do you have resources that are not progressing through FMM levels and, if so, what are the issues getting them to move? No

    • Are you expecting to be working on implementation guides or other FHIR activities beyond core work? Yes, several implementation guides are expected this cycle.

    • Any issues keeping up with your tracker items? No.

    • Any other issues? No.

    • One Sentence Summary: Support the representation and sharing of clinical knowledge that enables a continuous quality improvement cycle and pilots of the same. Or, as you said, Grahame, "business as usual" (smile)

    • What resources should be culled? None

Meeting Adjourned:  12:30 pm