HL7 Clinical Quality Information Workgroup 
CQI Co-chairs: Patty Craig, Floyd Eisenberg, KP Sethi, Juliet Rubini, Yan Heras 
Meeting Chair: Floyd Eisenberg
Meeting Scribe: Juliet Rubini


  • Roll call and Introductions
  • Clinical Steering Division updates (Floyd)
    • Co-chair election schedule change to align with Board and other HL7 bodies
    • Work group health - awarded to CQI and CDS
    • PSS submission deadline has officially changed - all TSC approvals must be complete at the work group meeting prior to the ballot.  PSSs are due May 24th; NIBs due June 30
      • PSS on confluence
    • CSD co-chair elections are open
    • USRSC steering division rep
      • request for every SD to have a representative on USRSC
      • Bryn Rhodes is interested
    • Cross project WG - need 5 members and another co-chair
      • if interested, talk to CQI co-chair
      • will manage things like US Core and other items that cross many work groups
    • The co-chair handbook will be reviewed
  • QRDA Category I STU 5.1 ---- STU Comments
  • PSS considerations for February 2020 (Sydney) - any brand new projects?
    • Clarifications - Any item with a current PSS will not need to create a new one by May 24th
    • No new projects that we are aware of


  • None

Action Items

  • None

Meeting Adjourned:   10:23 am