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The June 2020 Errata for the HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA Release 2: Quality Reporting Document Architecture- Category 1, STU Release 5.2 - US Realm (Published February 2020) is available for review by the HL7 CQI WG members. This Errata includes errata updates for the approved QRDA I STU comments.

The two-week of member review period: May 29, 2020- June 12, 2020

Please use the comment section below on this page to submit review comments. 

2020-06-08 Update: 

Errata package

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  1. The file name and the title page of the Volume 2 incorrectly dated "2019DEC"/"December 2019". The dates were corrected to indicate "2020FEB"/"February 2020", the STU5.2 publication date, and the file was re-uploaded.

  2. (For Dave Czulada)

    There is still a problem with the solution for comment 1938.

    Figure 87 has

    <effectiveTime><low nullFlavor="NA"/></effectiveTime>

    but this is invalid per the XML schema.  effectiveTime needs xsi:type, i.e.,

    <effectiveTime xsi:type="IVL_TS"><low nullFlavor="NA"/></effectiveTime>

    see where type is SXCM_TS for effectiveTime, but SXCM_TS (and TS) type does not allow <low>, but type IVL_TS adds <low>

    see lines #L1688 SXCM_TS; #L883 TS; #1714 IVL_TS

    However, is there any reason why the nullFlavor could not be specified directly to the effectiveTime element?  This would require changing the schematron assertion for CONF:1098-32947 to be more like the ones changed in comment 1940.

    <sch:assert id="a-4444-29743-error" test="count(cda:low | @value | @nullFlavor)=1">This effectiveTime SHALL contain exactly one of @value, @nullFlavor, or low  (CONF:4444-29743).</sch:assert>

  3. Applied changes to STU #1976 and Paul/Dave's comment above for #1938. Attached the updated version, see 2020-06-08 update above. 

  4. The Errata package and the CTO letter are uploaded to the CQI Documents area on the HL7 website (for members only). 

  5. Updated the Encounter Diagnosis QDM template description. Re-uploaded the Errata zip to the CQI Documents area on HL7 website.