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The HL7 Implementation Guide for CDA Release 2: Quality Reporting Document Architecture- Category 1, STU Release 5.2 - US Realm is available for members-only review by the HL7 CQI WG members. 

  • Two-week of member review period: December 13, 2019 - December 29, 2019
    • Plan to bring back to the CQI WG for a vote on Jan 3rd, 2020.
  • The STU 5.2 update supports the QDM Version 5.5 changes. 
  • Please use the comment section below on this page to submit review comments. 

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  1. Volume 2, Section 3.14, Numbers 13 and 14, change "Note: QDM Attribute: Recorder" to "Note: QDM Attribute: Prescriber"

  2. Volume 2, Section 3.52.6 – Laboratory Test Recommended. The participant elements (conformance statements 8,9,10,11) are missing the QDM annotation. Should be “QDM Attribute: Requester” for all four.

  3. Volume 2, Sections 3.37.1 (Medication Active) and 3.37.2 (Medication Administered). Since the effective time element is defined in the Medication Activity template it’s a little unclear what the behavior should be for relevantDatetime vs. relevantPeriod. Please clarify that relevantDatetime uses the @value, and the relevantPeriod uses @low and @high. CONF:1098-32890 should include a note about QDM attributes, and also that value and high are not both allowed.

  4. The Change Log for Medication Dispensed should indicate that Relevant Datetime has been added.

  5. Volume 2, Section 3.17.1 – Encounter Performed. The description includes outdated information about the QDM Attribute: Principal Diagnosis.

  6. See Volume 2, CONF:4444-29670.

    Looks like the “PART” code is expected to be a classCode for the participantRole, and not a typeCode in the participant.  Below is an XML snippet that will pass schema validation:

    <participant typeCode="PRF">
    <participantRole classCode="PART">
    <templateId root="2.16.840.1.113883." extension="2019-12-01" />
    <id root="dg" extension="dg"/>
  7. Entered based on implementation feedback from TJC

    • Provide clarify in the Author template that time can only contain @value. 
    • Further constraining the Result Observation template to provide clarity that effectiveTime can only contain @value, since result dateTime is a point in time. 

    Entered on behalf of ESAC

    • Update conformance statements to represent QDM templates that have Relevant dateTime and Relevant Period  consistent throughout
    • Correct typos/errors found in the templates as part of the schematron testing of the IG