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HL7 Clinical Quality Information Workgroup
CQI Co-chairs: Patty Craig, Floyd Eisenberg, Juliet Rubini, KP Sethi, Yan Heras
Meeting Chair: Floyd Eisenberg
Meeting Scribe: Patty Craig


  • Roll call and Introductions
  • Reviewed Agenda for the week and updated as needed.
  • Discussed ownership of the Quality Data Model (QDM) 
    • CMS owns the Quality Data Model, not HL7
    • It has been suggested that this is made clearer in both CMS and HL7 documentation.
  • SWOT Review
    • Last updated May 2016
    • CQI members reviewed, updated, and approved SWOT
      • Some items were removed due to the maturity of the Workgroup
      • Moved by KP Seith to accepted the updated SWOT, Seconded by Claudia Hall
      • No further discussion
      • Abstain: 0, Opposed: 0, Affirmative: 13 
  • Discussed CQI and CDS standards from a historical, current, and future perspective
    • Bryn suggested that some eCQMs should be in FHIR by end of 2019 so they can begin testing in Connectathons
    • Discussion continued in Mon Q2


  • None

Action Items

  • Notify HL7 that CQI's SWOT was updated

Meeting Adjourned:   10:30am