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2019-10-04 Meeting Agenda
2019-09-27 Meeting Agenda
2019-07-12 Meeting Agenda


  1. Draft Agenda for 10/4 is here

    2. Follow up from September meeting:

    1. FHIR bot - what does it do?  where does it pull information from?  vote tally page?
    2. November 17th NIBs are due for January ballot -
      1. DEQM IG to R4 and FHIR QM IG in R4
      1. Gaps in Care needs to ballot - FHIR based - do we need to update PSS to make it explicit to FHIR?  if we update the PSS, can they still ballot in January or will they have to wait until May cycle? 
      2. Where is the stopping point for FHIR tracker items to be incorporated into versions published?  Should we pick a date at the end of the ballot cycle as a cut off for incorporating changes into the next published versions?

Upcoming co-chair PTO (Please update!)


Juliet: Wednesday 10/9 (will miss co chair meeting)