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NOTE: This attendance applies if you are present at the related meeting/call, regardless if you have signed a different attendance for your WG. 


QI-Core Build Site

Informational: All FHIR tracker resolutions are now being added to the QI-Core R4 build site in preparation of the publication version.  Work is in progress. Some items have been applied while many are still pending.

Review of current activity

  • Recap on DeviceUseStatement
  • Discussion about additional guidance:
    • Use of point-in-time timings Vs periods when both are available in the data model
    • Additional guidance regarding when to use what for Device usage
    • Others?

Group Discussion: The group reviewed the options regarding DeviceUseStatement. It does close the loop for device usage from DeviceRequest to usage, similar to MedicationRequest, MedicationAdministration, MedicationStatement. However, there is no clear usage in the industry today and the resource has a maturity level of 0, asking for input from various workgroups. Also note that similar workflow occurs with laboratory tests and diagnostic test which include DiagnosticReportLab and DiagnosticReportNote. CQI has been advised by Orders and Observations, Patient Care and CIMI to reference required results of laboratory tests and imaging studies as Observations and specifically NOT using DiagnosticReportLab and DiagnosticReportNote.  The rationale is that there may be multiple types of reports and all cannot be known in advance; hence, it is better to indicate the observation required to meet a measure or CDS expectation. Implementers can then find required observations from among multiple reports and other sources.  Using this approach, Observation is more appropriate for identifying device usage and results.   

Recommendation for discussion at CQI WG call this Friday December 6: Remove DeviceUseStatement from QI-Core Vs retain it with specific language about it's availability for trial use (preference for removal to avoid excessive burden for implementers).

QI-Core to QDM Mappings on QI-Core Site

The QI-Core site contains QDM to QI-Core mappings. The discussion will review the value and need for mappings from QI-Core to QDM. Such mappings have been available since the first published version under the "mappings" tab for each QI-Core element.


For consideration:

  • None of these QI-Core to QDM mappings is updated since the last published version of QI-Core. 
  • If there is value, these mappings will need to be updated based on the ballot reconciliation from September
  • If there is no value, these mappings can be removed from the upcoming QI-Core publication

Group Discussion: The QDM to QI-Core mappings are quite valuable and updates are currently in progress.  No one on the call had any experience viewing the QI-Core to QDM mappings but it isn't clear if all stakeholder types were represented on the call.  Paul Denning suggested that there may be value if a synthetic patient data set application (e.g., Synthea) were to check for backward accuracy. However, there is no such requirement or information about such intended use. The group agreed that the two options are:

  • Remove the QI-Core to QDM mapping, OR
  • Update the QI-Core to QDM mappings consistent with the new QDM to QI-Core mapping items

Retaining the current QI-Core to QDM mappings without updating is not an option.

Recommendations: discuss at the CQI WG call this Friday, December 6, 2019 for further feedback. Also, Floyd with check with Lloyd and Grahame about the ability to remove such content (which we consider informative and not substantive) based on current rules for STUs on a normative path.

Additional Items

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AdjournmentThe meeting was adjourned at 10:55 AM EST

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