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Updated and Approved at September 2016 HL7 WGM, Baltimore

  1. Execute CQI’s strategy for receiving, evaluating, and responding to CQI standards issues, monitoring and engaging with implementers [ONGOING ACTIVITY]:
    1. Manage HL7 STU website comments and FHIR tracker items (First WG Call Each Month)
    2. Monitor the CQI implementer specific listservs:
      1. HL7 Standards for Clinical Quality Measurement and Reporting
      2. Implementers of FHIR based Clinical Reasoning Content
    3. Monitor and use related efforts – for example:
      1. ONC hosted Jira tracker - CQM Issue Tracker, QDM, CQL and QRDA projects
      2. ONC Standards Implementation Platform (SIT) (aka Tech Lab)
      3. eCQI Resource Center
      4. Others as identified
  2. Continue monitoring other non-HL7 group activities [ONGOING ACTIVITY]
    1. ONC Tech Lab/ IPG
    2. International activities
    3. IHE
    4. ISO TC215
    5. NQF
    6. CMS and CMS FHIR adoption entity (for data acceptance and submission)
    7. Measure Developers (PCPI, NCQA, The Joint Commission, Yale CORE, QIP, CDC)
    8. Measure Data Receivers (CMS, The Joint Commission, States)
    9. Measure development and certification tools (MAT, Cypress, Bonnie, PSVA)
  3. Reach out to other groups involved in quality information, including those that are implementing HQMF, QRDA, CQL and FHIR to receive feedback on the standards [ONGOING ACTIVITY]
  4. Project Work
    1. CQI standards and co-sponsored project work in progress



Current Status and History

Next Update

CQI developed and maintained standards 

White Paper: QRDA Data Sharing n/a

Current: Published in July 2018.

History: Balloted for-comment in January 2016. 

None planned

 HQMF (base standard) CDS, SD, PHER

Current: January 2017 – Ballot R1 normative version (errata published October 25th, 2017)

History: DSTU R2.1

Potential for ballot for removal once FHIR QM IG are fully deployed within US reporting programs

QDM-based HQMF IG 


Current: Withdrawn in May XX, 2019


  • DSTU 1.4
  • January 2017 – Update to match HQMF R1
  • Published R1.3 published January 8, 2016
  • QDM-based HQMF IG R1.1 extension for February 2016
None planned
CQL-based HQMF 

Current: STU 1 balloted May, 2015

January 2017 – Update to match HQMF R1 and for QDM v 5.0

QRDA Category I

Current: QRDA Cat I R3.1 update published April 2016in ballot, September 2016 R1 STU 4
QRDA Category III

Current:  QRDA CAT III R1.1 update published March 2016in ballot, September 20156 R1 STU 2
FHIR Profile: Quality (QI-Core)

Current: balloted as DSTU in May, 2015 and Update approved with Logical View December 2015in ballot, September 2016 - STU 2

Current: Ongoing alignment with CIMI project

Joint CQI and CDS developed and maintained standards
CQF-on-FHIR IG (clinical reasoning)


FHIR Measure Resource, for comment ballot in September 2015

FHIR Measure Report Resource, for comment ballot in September 2015     

Quality Report Profile – Retired (no sponsor and included in FHIR eCQM)

in ballot, September 2016 – STU 1
Co-Sponsor of the following standards
CQL (base standard)CQI Current: DSTU Update R1.1, July 2016 

History: Published as DSTU May, 2015

in ballot, January 2017, update to align with FluentPath STU 1

in ballot, September 2016 – STU 1
EHR Usability (EHR sponsor) CQI, CIC Current:  Comment-only ballot in May 2015 ballotin ballot, September 2016 – STU 1
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