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Chair:  Juliet Rubini

Scribe: Yan Heras

Dial-in number (US): Dial-in number (US): (712) 451-0740
Access code: 449751#
International dial-in numbers: 

Join the online meeting:

Agenda Topics 

Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

  1. HIMSS20 cancelled
    1. Tuesday sub group call reinstated for March 10th
  2. CMS has posted the Draft 2021 CMS QRDA IG and Schematron for Hospital Quality Reporting (HQR) for public comment starting March 5, 2020 and ending on April 1, 2020. The draft IG and schematrons are available for download at QRDA-861.
2Monthly STU review

QRDA Category III STU 2.1:

  • Comments as of March 6, 2020 - no new issues

QRDA Category I STU 5.0

  • Comments as of March 6, 2020 - no new issues

QRDA Category I STU 5.1

  • Comments as of March 6, 2020 - no new issues

QRDA Category I STU 5.2

  • Comments as of March 6, 2020 - no new issues

CQL-based HQMF STU 3

  • Comments as of March 6, 2020 - no new issues

CQL-based HQMF STU 4

  • Comments as of March 6, 2020 - no new issues
3Quality Measure Reporting White Paper 

NIB for Quality White Paper: (NIB prepped and ready for review with Bryn and group)

FHIR-Based Quality Reporting White Paper :  

Initial ballot content due March 15th

Final content due March 29:

  • content availability for CQI WG by March 23
  • CQI WG vote on March 27
3FHIR Quality Measure IG

FHIR Quality Measure IG now published for FHIR STU 3:

R4 version in ballot:

Follow up on tickets related to measure populations: 

  • 25501 In Figure 3-9, shouldn't the patient that gets into the Measure Population also get into the Initial Population?
  • 25551 Revise the Calculation flow for Proportion Measures
  • 25550 Remove Initial population from the Denominator Exclusion definition for proportion measures
  • 26342 Harmonize population terminology

Jira issues for QM IG

FHIR-21687 Glossary project (reopened issue)

FHIR-26432 Ability to express program for measure

FHIR-26335 Use of specific SCT module URI

FHIR-25646 Provide terminology guidance usage

FHIR-25636 Provide guidance for avoiding value set computations

FHIR-25635 Use of terminology artifacts for quality measures should align with CPG work


Block vote 2

  1. J#25716 Measure report profiles should require id element (bryn.rhodes) Persuasive
  2. J#25592 Profile requires identifier.type (craig.newman) Persuasive with Modification
  3. J#25586 "Possible missing ""not"" in Guidance section" (craig.newman) Persuasive

Separate item for discussion:

J#25719: Need more example use cases (patricia-craig


The publication version of QI-Core R4 approved for publication by CQI on February 14 as was the publication request. Location of pre-publication content:

Status of FMG review (3/4) and TSC eVote (week of 3/9)

Jira issues for QI-Core

Consider plans for May 2020 HL7 Connectathon to test QI-Core's QUICK Logical View for authoring of eCQMs.

QI-Core vs QUICK - Seeking broad input to establish a business case to help with decisions moving forward.  To be discussed at 10 am Tuesday sub group calls.

6Gaps in Care 

Project confluence page

Gaps In Care Supporting Materials

Recording of DEQM Overview

Old Gaps in Care: As of 1/13/2020 project has been deactivated and Dave Hamill aware for Project Insight record keeping (Project 1427)



(Note that updated QRDA schematrons are now stored to GitHub site (


Project updates as needed

For reference - STU comments for CQL Specification are located here

9Working Group Meetings

San Antonio (May 16-22):  Draft agenda review WGM Agenda/Minutes San Antonio May 2020 - DRAFT


HL7 San Antonio May 16 - 17

11Project Updates

Review of current projects - found on home page here.


  1. CQI FHIR Quality Measure Project Subgroup calls:
    1. Call Information: 
  2. DEQM / DaVinci calls: 
  3. Gaps in Care DaVinci calls: 
  4. Cross Workgroups Project WG (now managing US Core balloting) - Considering new PSS for metadata for Apps: Marketplace Product Packaging and Metadata

12Balloting timeline

Balloting schedule (confirm on HL7 Calendars):

Approvals for May 2020 Ballot Cycle

  • October 4, 2019 - PSS deadline
  • January 5, 2020 - TSC approval for all PSS for May 2020 Ballot Cycle (requires approval by sponsors, co-sponsors, Steering Division, and Management Group, and other groups such as Architectural Review Board if indicated
  • Harmonization initial proposals due February 20, 2020
  • NIBs due March 1, 2020
  • Harmonization final proposals due March 5, 2020
  • Initial ballot content March 15, 2020
  • Harmonization meeting March 19, 2020
  • Reconciliation Deadline and Ballot Preview Period March 22, 2020
  • Final ballot content April 5, 2020
  • Ballot sign up March 9 - April 9, 2020
  • Ballots open for voting April 10 - May 11, 2020